Pearce Cycles 2010: Round 1 – Bringewood

This last weekend saw Pearce Cycles kick off their series from their local track Bringewood. Having missed the series in 2009 I was really excited to get back to riding at their races as you are guaranteed to get a well run race with plenty of practice.

I drove down on Friday evening to get a spot in the top field, get the pit set up and got some shut eye, turns out it had rained in the night although I hadn’t heard a thing, Saturday morning I held back for a few uplift trailers to go so the young nippers could take the skim of the top of the track then got to it.

The day went smoothly with everyone getting plenty of runs on the track. The track for this race had the top half of the “bombhole” track then out into the open section with 3 new double jumps one after the other then back into the woods for some tight and fast woops, hit the big double out of the woods then sprint to the finish line.

Sunday arrived and luckily no rain during the night and it held off for most of the day apart from one shower on the second race runs, Marc Beaumont took the win in Elite men and Tracy Moseley took the Elite women, brilliant weekend had by everyone and the 2010 Pearce Cycles series is set to be another great one!

Elite Men:
1. Marc Beaumont (GT Bicycles)
2. Joe Smith (Kona)
3. Brendan Fairclough (Monster Energy/Specialized)

Elite Women:
1. Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing)
2. Myriam Nicole (Riding Addiction)
3. Jess Stone

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Check out for details of the series, full results available here. Results are also live on Roots and Rain.

Big thanks to Tom Gaffney for the awesome photos, check out his race photos here and his portfolio right here.

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