Random Question Generator: Wayne Appleby

This week we’re keeping it close to home and putting Wideopen team rider Wayne Appleby through the Random Question Generator!

Wayne joined the Wideopen team at the start of 2010 and has raced the Pearce, Welsh Series and Halo BDS for us this season.  I’ve known Wappers for a good few years now and had a heap of fun digging, riding and taking the piss. He’ll be the first to admit that his results haven’t been stellar this season – but don’t be fooled – he’s pinned when he’s on it. I’d even go as far as to say that when he isn’t in a grump (cos we’ve woken him up at 3am coming back from Bar Robinson’s) he’s a bloody good lad to hang out with. Cheers Wappers!

Last injury?
Last injury was a bruised liver a few months ago at Nant Gwertheryn, nice week holiday in hospital with that one!

Last mtb product you bought with your own money?
Bought some 2011 O’Neal Element pants and gloves from Col at Fli distribution.

Last trail you rode?
Last trail I rode was a mint pitbike track near Bridgenorth with James Flinders and the Breeze bros! Was mint untill the Rozzers turned up and dished out some warnings!

What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Just watched The Cube that I recorded the other night, pretty intense shit!

When was the last time you got drunk and who with?
Last time I got drunk was a few years ago at Ae forest with Mac and Sprite,  legends those two are!

What was the genuine last video you watched online? Link please!

Mini bike dirt jumping – Must watch >>

Who is your biggest rival on the race scene??
My biggest rival this year has been Chris Lazenby, we’re always within a few seconds of each other, the battle shall continue next year!

Best place you’ve travelled to this year?
I went to Morzine for the first time this year and stayed with Riders retreat, such a sick trip with the Welsh boys and some bearded guy from Bristol.

Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
Left arm stretched and its found my phone and chocolate.

Tell us a joke…
Chilean miner making love to his wife for first time since release:

Miner: ‘Can we switch the lights off?’ . . .

Wife: ‘Of course honey’ . . .

Miner: ‘Can I have you from behind?’ . . .

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Wife: ‘Anything you want my brave boy’ . . .

Miner: ‘Can I call you Pedro? . . . . .

What is the worst job that you have had in your life?
Worst job I’ve had was washing cars on a forecourt when I was 14, there was shit loads of them, apart from that I’ve had some pretty good jobs.

What is the last photo you took?
Last photo I took was of the dog while trying to work out the camera on my new phone, head blagging these smart phones are!

Who sent the last text message you received? What did it say?
From my pal Rhys saying he isnt interested in buying my f****d chainsaw!

Who was the last person you swore at? What did you say?
Last person I swore at was my labourer at work, it went something like Get a move on Tw*thead! Haha

The first 5 random songs to come on from your ipod/itunes/music selection – no skipping any!

What did you do before sitting down to fill out these questions?
Just had a brilliant chilli con carne with cheese on top!

What is your current Facebook status?
Last Facebook status was “Caught by the fuzz!” after getting collared by the LAPD on the pitbike

Send us the most recent photo someone tagged of you!
It’s a shot of me getting the hole shot over Mac at Will Preistners stag moto fest, awesome race! 4 hours, six teams of 5, who could do the most laps in 4 hours, my team won with over 80 laps!

Nice one Wayney Boy – thanks for an awesome season of racing! Get you’re ass down the gym and start training for 2011!