Longtermer: Oakley riding gear…

A nice big box of stuff turned up at Wideopen from the chaps at Oakley last week. As well as making some pucka shades, goggles and casual wear the guys also have a solid lineup of riding gear – with a nice ‘relaxed’ feel to it quite unlike some of the MX style racing stuff available from the guys like Fox and TroyLee.

We’ll be giving it all a good hammering over the winter, expect a first look in the magazine before Christmas with a follow up early summer.

For now head over to uk.oakley.com for more information and to find your local stockist!

Automatic Glove (Redline) £24.99

A nice comfortable fairly thick glove that’s going to make winter riding a whole lot more comfortable. Subtle protection and great red/white/black look make these look top dollar. Let’s see how they hold up to a winters worth of abuse in the UK! If you’re looking for a pair they feel like good value with a RRP just a tad under £25.

Rock Drop Short (Black & Red Plaid) £49.99

These are cut long, coming well below my knee (but I’m a short-arse), look and feel great. First impression is they’re thin and fast drying yet not as much protection as a full on DH short, but hey that’s not the point of these, they’re for the fashion conscience all-mountain rider – though with some padded under-shorts they’d look great teamed up with the Wideopen race jersey!

Rock Drop Jersey (Black & Red Plaid) £49.99

More of the same with the Jersey (although I’d personally not combine the black and red plaid shorts AND jersey combo together). Good quality construction, lightweight and fast drying but tough enough not to worry about. My favourite touch is the glasses cloth (some microfibre) sown inside the bottom hem on the inside, making cleaning goggles or shades a cinch in wet or dusty weather without too much fear of damage.

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