My desk: Jacob Gibbins

Time for round 2 of our exclusive fly on the wall, POV, undercover look at what goes on behind the scenes in the bike industry. Yep – the driving seat of the mountain bike industry – the humble office desk.

Last week was Five Ten’s Joe Bowman, this time it’s UK photographer and Wideopen staffer Jacob ‘Milkpro’ Gibbins.

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Who are you? I’m Jacob Gibbins,19,  from Tavistock in Devon
What’s your job? A freelance photographer and Filmer
Where’s your desk? In my bedroom
And what’s on your desk? I’ve got a LOT of shit… it gets a weekly tidy, which will be sometime in the next few days ha but..from right to left…

Photos, filing cabinet, wall planner, desk with PC, hard drives, cables and tones of other junk on, dolly and tracks, tripod, camera bag 1 , sofa with a few more camera bags on , chargers , spare dolly rails, some clothes and a few dirt covers… like I say if you look at the photo that’s just a tiny bit of whats in there, so much junk…

Wideopen says: If I was Jacob’s mother I’d smack his arse at the state of his bedroom. It’s a bloody tip. But – saying that – he’s an artist so he’s allowed a bit of chaos around him. It probably helps the creative process. Given that his office is also his bedroom I wonder what’s in that cupboard that says “Keep Out”?!