What’s on your desk? Skyline’s Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy works at Skyline Cycles at Afan Argoed – an awesome South Wales trail centre.  From his dark and dingy Batcave he hand crafts heaps of awesome videos to promo the shop’s brands. Here’s his finest work to date (we reckon):

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Introducing Liam … and his desk (Batcave).

Who are you? Liam Murphy

What’s your job? I work for Skyline Cycles, making short films

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Where’s your desk? Afan Argoed, South Wales, boyo.

And what’s on your desk? a disney pixar light thingy, a few bits of the pink generic frame, an inflatable fox head, some camera filters, computer, headphones, car keys and a corner full of crap

Wideopen says: Blimey – now that’s a proper bike industry desk. Dark, dingy, covered in grease and broken bike parts. Perfect stuff.  One thing though, would someone PLEASE buy Liam a decent sized monitor? It seems criminal that he’s editing vids (of beautiful girls) on a 15″ Dell!

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