Welcome aboard James Webber.


We’ve got some mighty big plans on the boil for 2013 – we’re growing our race team, we’re growing our editorial team and we’re growing the magazine.

As part of that we’re really happy to announce that Mr James Webber will be joining the family. He’ll be designing the mag and generally helping drive what it all looks and feels like.  We felt that we needed some fresh blood in the magazine and James has got the blood! Welcome aboard!

524077_10151959840520623_379102420_nSo tell us – who is Mr James Webber then?
Well, Mr. James Webber is a 23 year old student born and bred in the land of the roundabouts, Milton Keynes. I am currently in my 3rd and final year of a degree in Graphic Design at the Cambridge School of Art. Late last year I was commended for an entry to the YCN (ycn.org) student awards which was pretty shocking. I won’t go to much into my life story but I enjoy the usual stuff like rugby, photography, biking and of course graphic design.

WOPosterFINAL (Large)How did you and design come to find each other?
My first encounter with design was down to that old online gem, Myspace. I took my first step on the designer path creating Myspace band pages for the likes of Fei Comodo and The King Blues. When looking back at some of the stuff I did it really does make me chuckle. But we all have to start somewhere right? and I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t. I then have my other half and parents to thank for getting me off my lazy teenage ass and doing something with it, getting me on to a foundation degree which led me onto the course I’m on now.

mattstoked_1024And how about bicycles? How did you come to find bikes in your life?
Like most kids I started doing skids up and down my road. I then discovered trials biking which I tried my hand at. An old friend took me up Woburn to try out some natural trials where I met a very young Matt and Jono Jones. I’ve now been shooting photo’s there for far to many years and have recently got back on two wheels and am giving a bit of singletrack and XC a go. You really can not beat the community and atmosphere that biking has and I look forward to progressing and riding hard.

SDG Tellis V2 Dropper Leaderboard
What of your design projects are you most proud of so far?
I’d have to say my most cherished piece of work to date is my photo portfolio book some of you may have seen called Stoked. It was my chance to combine both my love of design and photography into a beautiful book and showcase my skills. It won me Student of the Year (in graphics) for that year so was pretty…..well, stoked! I’ve recently produced something along the same lines but this time sharing my adventures and photo’s of trips to the Lake District titled ‘Over The Mountains & Around The Lakes’. So yeah, those would have to be the two I am currently most proud of!

What have you got planned now you’re in driving seat for layout at Wideopenmag?
Well I don’t want to reveal to much as we’ve got plenty going on but things are gonna be looking clean, slick and you should all look forward to reading the next issue!


Who are your creative influences?
Many designer folk sigh when you say his name but I enjoy the work of David Carson, and always will. I also love the work of Kate Moross, Mike Perry, Seb Lester, Saul Bass, Stefan Sagmeister and Chip Kidd just to name a few.

You can check out James’ website here or his Facebook profile here.