A mountain biker’s restaurant review … and the Orange Five 29’er

IMG_7705Orange bicycles’ Pete Scullion popped in for a visit yesterday as part of his whirlwind tour of the UK – showing off the new Orange Five 29‘er.

The poor wee lad started his road trip in Halifax and had driven to London and then back up to Bristol … so clearly needed a good feed and a sit down. What else could we do but take him to Bristol’s finest (and Europe’s largest) all you can eat restaurant – Za Za Bazaar – for a slap up power-feed?

Between seven courses and a few beers we took a minute to ask a few questions about the new bike…

IMG_7715WO: Pete – how has your mega road trip been so far? What have you been up to?
Pete: It’s not been as bad as it could easily have been. I’m getting on for 400 miles in the last 24 hours but with few issues. I’ve been busy showing off our Five29 Black Gold to all the UK media folks.

What did you think of Europe’s largest all you can eat bistro and what was your favourite dish?
Za Za Bazaar was a bit of a cattle market and being tired I failed to get overwhelmed by the experience. I don’t think it was the establishment’s fault though. The free for all dessert of cheesecake on a bed of jelly beans and smarties made it for me!

A fair review. I’m an all-you-can-eat-noodles man. Especially when the guys flash-fries it up in the wok in front of you. So… How long has this bike been in the pipeline and what’s got it to the stage where it’s ready to go?
We saw the first prototypes early summer 2012, so getting it from prototype to a saleable product has been quick. The swingarm, cable routing, front mech mount and position, plus rear wheel travel have all been tweaked for the production model. No major changes proves the strength of the first prototype.

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IMG_7713So – is this the best bike in the world ever? Or at the least, is it the best  29″ bike Orange has built ever?
The bike is certainly a rocket ship in all conditions. Trail bike weight and angles, downhill bike speed, grip and stability, combined with our proven suspension platform and reliable single pivot design. It’s hard to find a place where this bike won’t be amazing fun and ridiculously quick.

IMG_7707In case you’re interested in some actual information about the bike …

50 to be made in ltd edition ‘Black and Gold’ and to hit the shops in March. The price will be £2,999 complete.

Head angle: 66.6deg
Seat angle: 71.3deg
BB Height: 342mm (30mm drop)
Chainstay: 450mm
Front Centre: 730mm
Wheelbase: 1,180mm
Down tube:  703mm
Weight: 14.85kg (32lb 12oz)

Orange homepage: http://www.orangebikes.co.uk/
Za Za Bazaar homepage: http://www.zazabazaar.com