Some words from Rich Thomas on his crash in Val Di Sole

Last weekend Rich ate shit at Val Di Sole… and he ate shit like a fat kid who just found the keys to the chocolate covered shit biscuit cupboard.

Here’s a few words from the man himself on what went down:


So it’s been a fast and busy few weeks away racing the first 2 UCI World Cup rounds. I’ve had good fun riding and it’s clear that everybody has stepped up their game for 2013. Everybody is a pinner nowadays.

So the races went well for me and I took a few crashes and had some good times and results in the qualifying rounds. However, it all came to a spectacular end for me on the morning of the race at Val Di Sole! Check this video out! I came into one of the gnarliest and fastest sections of the track and just had a stupid crash and rag dolled. I twisted my ankle and leg around as I crashed and eventually landed in a heap.

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To be honest I’m glad to be in sort of one piece after this crash but I’m so gutted I couldn’t race the finals. After a painful day of traveling back to the UK and a trip to A&E it turns out I’ve torn the ligaments in my ankle and bruised the ligaments in my knee so going to be few weeks off the bike, annoying…

So I’d like to thank the magazine and all our sponsors for their help and getting us top the races and I should be back on my feet in no time.

Heal up fast to all the other bro’s who are down and out from the brutal last two weeks..!”

Thanks to Creative Concept for the video and to Keith at Phunkt for the image.