Wideopenmag World Cups – Val Di Sole Track Walk

Rich and Jay have landed in Val Di Sole for round 2 of the World Cup! 

Today was track walking and spotting lines for day one of riding tomorrow. Rich has battled the medieval internet to get some words and photos over to us. Let’s go!


“So we are at Val Di Sole, what a place to have a downhill race! The scenery and views are amazing, there’s a super chilled atmosphere, the sun is out and it looks like we are going to have a dry race this weekend.

Saying that, the internet could be better! It’s super limited here and I’ve been sat here for an hour just to send these pics over!

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The team have just returned from a track walk, and both of us are really liking the look of the track. There’s lots of roots, rock, loam and it’s dry and dusty all the way down the hill. I’ve been here a few times in recent years and I’m pleased to see that a few sections of the track have been modified and there are a few new bits compared to recent years. It looks great for racing this weekend.

Stay tuned for a update from us on how we get on tomorrow for the first day of practice.”

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