First Look: Shredly women’s MTB gear

We’re having a  bit of a push at the moment to get more girls into all of our content – be it our videos, the mag or even our editorial team.

When Gravity Bikes got in touch about Shredly it felt like a perfect fit!

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What is Shredly?
is probably a new one to a lot of people in the UK but that’s to be expected – it’s a pretty new company based in the US that is obviously looking to inject a bit of fun into women’s bike apparel. It’s also one of the increasing crop of ventures that can thank Kickstarter for helping to raise the initial capital to get the company off the ground. Shredly is just for the girls and is so far focusing on shorts and jerseys. And while the jerseys might seem fairly standard fare, the shorts certainly aren’t what you usually find in your local bike shop.


First impressions …
I’ve just taken possession of a full riding kit for testing – the Yogacham cycling chamois, MTB short and the All-In-One jersey and got the first test in on some (slightly) secret singletrack trails just north of the Forth Road Bridge.

My first impression when I opened the box was that this stuff was going to be fun (sorry RAD! – the website is full of surf-esque stoke speak). I got my pick of colours before the test and actually struggled to choose. I know it’s a subject guaranteed to get mixed reactions but I have to confess – I do like a bit of colour amongst my outdoorsy kit. Some of the Shredly shorts did remind me of boardies though more  than anything else, so I opted for the Nikolai Short which looks like you’ve been trapped in a locked room while blindfolded monkeys fling paint at you. And this, in my book, is a good thing. Also went for the bright teal jersey instead of black, my thinking being that usually all you can get is a black riding jersey so why not try something new. The Yogacham chamois only come in black so no decisions needed there.

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Yogachim Chamois
So let’s start from the bottom as it were. I only usually bother with a chamois when I’m heading out on my road bike so I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable the Yogacham was – I barely noticed it while riding. They are made of a light breathable mesh (which is slightly see-through, hence no pictures!) and stays put nicely at the thigh without digging in and leaving semi-permanent marks. The thick yoga pant-style waistband is pretty comfy too and the chamois pad is not too bulky.  Given that these could easily be bought and worn under other shorts in your wardrobe,  I thought these were really good value for money too.

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All in One jersey
Next up is the All-In-One jersey which was a real success. Designed to be used for more than just biking, it’s really a multi-purpose tech tee that you could also wear for hiking, running and general outdoorsy pursuits. The fit was great – size small is a loose UK8/regular UK10 and most importantly it was long enough which is a feature strangely hard to find in women’s riding tops for some reason. One zipped pocket at the back for small necessities and a subtle v-neck that is definitely not too low. Comfortable, breathable and sweat wicking fabric – plenty to like in this one, especially the fact that you’re buying a jersey that you’ll be able to wear for multiple uses and not feel oddly dressed – definitely not just for hitting the trails.

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The Main Event – Nikolai MTB shorts
Last but not least is the main event – the Nikolai MTB shorts. I was so excited to see these in the flesh and first impressions didn’t disappoint. They do look great – fantastic colours, nice lightweight stretchy fabric, velcro tab waist adjustment, zipped pocket, mesh vents etc – they don’t go overboard on features but have the minimum you’d expect at this price range, and also what you need to make a pair of shorts practical rather than just pretty.

What could be better..?
Once I had them on though, I have to admit, the fit was a little disappointing and this is coming from someone who has been pointed to the children’s sections in bike shops before. Size 8 can either fit perfectly or hang off me, and these were definitely in the ‘hanging’ category. Even cinching in the Velcro tabs as far as they could go just made them small enough to wear. I think it’s often the case with US brands when you convert the sizes to UK though – they’re just cut more generously. I understand I’m on the smaller side so it’s not a problem limited to Shredly, but just something to be aware of when you are choosing your size.


The MTB is also a bit short – no pun intended – for my taste (as demonstrated by the less than welcome sight of my knees in the photo). This is intentional I’m sure, as these are marketed as being good for climbing, SUP, hiking etc as well as riding so they are intended to be a shorter, neater fit. Shredly also make a longer DH Kicker Short so if like me, you prefer a longer short for covering knee pads or just because you like them more, there is a better option in the range (although with fewer colour choices).

And the verdict?
BUT….apart from those fit quibbles which can happen with any brand – I did really like these shorts. They’re stretchy and light and have a gusseted crotch for extra comfort on those long days on the bike. I love the choice of colours and patterns – if you’re looking for something fun and a bit different that’s still good to ride in, you can probably stop looking here.

Tested by: Fiona

Cashmoney: MTB Short £74.99, Yogacham £24.99, All-In-One jersey £34.99

Web: to buy in the UK or for more

The word: Something a bit different for the UK market – fun, colourful but still totally practical – if you’re fed up of black or pink being your only options, well worth a look.

You can buy Shredly exclusively in the UK from Gravity Bikes:


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