First look- all new Fox Launch Enduro knee and elbow pads


Looking for just enough protection to ward off some damage without feeling like Robocop? Fox might just have what you need with their all new Launch Enduro knee and elbow pads.

Time and again we hear riders say that they hate wearing armour because it’s “too bulky”, “too restrictive” or it doesn’t fit under their kit. It’s a tough one – should you put up with a bit of discomfort for added protection? Yeah, probably, but when you can’t comfortably get a jersey on over elbow pads it starts to turn into an issue of calculating risks. It gets especially tough when the rules say that you have to wear armour to race – youth riders in the UK must wear back and elbow protection and the French enforce similar rules for anyone racing on their soil.

The Launch Enduro pads deliberately offer super minimal padding – there’s just enough protection to ward off bumps and scrapes whilst being light and unrestrictive enough to wear when you’re pedalling up and along as well as down. They’ll fit under shorts or a jersey without adding bulk or feeling restrictive and whilst we haven’t ridden in them yet they look like they’ll be comfortable for all day rides.

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The design is obviously aimed at the enduro crowd and we really like the idea of pads that are light weight enough to wear out on pedally rides without getting in the way – making them perfect for the day to day trail riding where full-on pads might be too much. They should be especially useful at races where they should hopefully reduce the faff of dragging pads on and off between stages. Despite the ‘enduro’ name we’ll be giving the elbow pads a bash for downhill racing as the low-profile design should work well under long sleeved jerseys.

It’s worth noting that the elbow and knee pads you see here are the only pair in the country and were spotted at Core Bike yesterday. They’ll be making an appearance in the UK within the next few weeks in time for race season.

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