First look – the brand new DMR V12 pedal


You’d be hard pressed to find a rider out there that hasn’t owned – or at least ridden with – the DMR V12 pedal. The classic parallelogram body with 10 pins and a concave platform has been a rock-solid pedal choice for years. Given its length of service the V12 has however started to look a wee bit long in the tooth and has fallen behind the current crop of low-profile pedals.

To keep the V12 up to date DMR have given their pedal an overhaul to make it lower-profile whilst still keeping the classic form. We saw the first-models at today’s Core Bike show and they look great. “V12 price with Vault performance” was how DMR described it. They look great.

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The pedal was designed by DMR designer and pro-rider Olly Wilkins. Where the higher spec Vault pedal is around £100, the V12 is a much more affordable £49.99. It’s available in white, red, yellow, silver and black and comes in chromo and magnesium versions. The mag version is £69.99.

What else do you need to know? They’re 100mm long, 95mm wide, platform is 16mm high. 420g per pair. for more.