Rock Guardz CG325 carbon mud guard review


We like Rock Guardz a lot – they just push all of our buttons for a cool company and cool products. Here’s why we think they’re great:

1. They’re a genuine UK company. They’re designed, manufactured and tested up in Shrewsbury.

2. They’re proper homegrown. Mud Guardz main man Ian bought a mountain bike, got the bug and got tinkering with making some products to keep it running nicely. Before he knew it he was making freebies for his mates, word spread and now it’s a fully blown company.

3. Ian is a racer-dad. His son Matt races downhill at the British Downhill Series in youth. We like that … but it also means you’re likely to bump into Ian at the races and you can get a mould made on the spot for your custom product.

4. The products work. Let’s take the mud guard for example. It fit like a glove, it’s super light weight and (we reckon) it looks fly. They’re also nice and tough meaning you can crash your brains out without worrying about your fancy fender.

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5. They’re neat and tidy. The Rockguardz Mudguard doesn’t make your bike feel like it’s a MX bike. It’s a compact, subtle, tidy design that covers just enough wheel without going over the top.

It’s available in short (325mm as seen here), medium (490mm) and long (570mm) and fits both Rockshox and Fox forks.

You can order Rockguardz products direct from their site – including their all new carbon rims.

Prices vary with the short CG325 that you see here cost £35.50.

British innovation at it’s finest – good luck with it RockguardZ!