Mark Scott – Enduro World Series practice at Innerleithen

Team Wideopenmag’s Mark Scott is on the hill at the Enduro World Series! Here’s a quick word on what went down today – cheers ‘bird!


Today and yesterday were the first two days of Enduro World Series practice.

There are 8 stages in total, 4 in the Innerleithen area and 4 at Glentress. 

Stages 1-4 are about 50km in total and some of the most technical trails in the area. the trails are steep, rooty and narrow as hell. You’ve got bog bashing and filthy tech sections, a lot of unclipping with the wrong feet going into turns!  The weather is looking a bit better for the week now but the trails have already been smashed to bits so I don’t think they’ll recover now! There’s still a ton of fun to be had though.


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On day 2 racing heads to the Glentress area. It’s 37km in total and a little more mellower from day 1 but still not to be underestimated! A little bit of trail centre mixed with raw natural sections make for fun riding and a challenge for the legs.

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It’s been a mint couple of days riding with all the lads, just buzzing of each other and having a laugh the whole way round, it’s been so chilled out it doesn’t even feel like a race!

I’m feeling good for it and hoping to get closer to those top 20 spots come Sunday!


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