GRAND SLAM: the 2014 British Downhill Series Final photostory

/photos by Ian Lean
/words by Jamie Edwards

And the UK race season is OVER! The grand slam final went down at Bike Park Wales. The ‘park didn’t disappoint with a big, rough, wheel-smasher of a track.

No need for chat – let’s get stuck in to Ian Lean’s final photo story of 2014!


Emyr Davies was the people’s champion this weekend. The wild man from Wales took his first elite National podium this weekend. Good work lad!



Harry Heath – thank god his air style his better than his hair style! #4 plate and 4th place on the day for Baz!


A round of applause for Harry Molloy – 9th place and a great end to his year.  Harry has raced his ass off this year –
taking on the the full BDS, loads of World Cups and loads of IXS cups.


The Saracen Development Team have been a great addition to the line up this year.   What’s not to like about fast,
young, stylish riders repping a classic UK name?  Here’s Saracen tea-boy Jack Geoghegan whipping it out on the Dragon’s Back.
14th in elite for Jack.



And another talented young gun, Jacob Dickson. 5th place in junior for the young Irishman!


Some kid called Laurence Greenland also turned up and put a couple of laps in. Apparently he used to
ride cross country or something? ;-) It was a tough – but consistent – weekend for Laurie, 7th in seeding and 7th overall.
I’m sure his recent 2nd place at World Champs will make up for it!


And your newly crowned elite female World Champion – it’s Manon Carpenter.
Manon had to settle for her World Champs stripes and the overall series win this weekend … letting the win on
the day go to Tahnee Seagrave.   Speaking of …



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Tahnee killed it this weekend – beating Manon and taking her first British National elite win.
Saying that, it was close … There was just 0.123 between her and Ms Carpenter!


With Gee and Rachel at a “Secret Red Bull event” up in North Wales it was left to
Marc Beaumont and Taylor Vernon to rep for the Athertons.
Our money was on Marc for the win this weekend but we were proved wrong (had to happen some time eh?!).
Marc seeded 4th fastest but stepped up to 2nd place for finals.   Despite that, Marc took the overall series win by a pretty hefty margin.


Tay (Taylor Vernon) had a bit more luck … Going fastest in seeding in his category and taking the junior win by 3.5 seconds.
Interestingly, Tay went 5th fastest through the speedtrap in the junior field.
Proof that it’s not just about going fast that counts…



Neil Stewart fresh from Whip Off Worlds and still styling it up.  He scored second place in finals.



One-time-team mates Matt Simmonds and Joe Smith were both serious contenders for the win.
Both have had epic seasons and both seem to be in the form of their lives.
Roots and Rain reckons that Simmonds is the faster rider … but it wasn’t to be this weekend.
Joe took the elite win and went fastest through the speed trap. Great work Joe!


CRC team  manager Nigel Page must have been double stoked.
Not only did Joe Smith take the elite win, but he took the veteran win. Get in Pagey!


We couldn’t leave our favourite Geordie Scott Mears out now could we?
Not a great weekend for Mr Mears with a low-result and a BIG crash … but he looked rad on track and
kept us laughing in the pits the whole time.  We’ll miss ya over the winter Scotty-dog!


And here it is! Your men’s elite podium … Joe Smith, Marc Beaumont, Matt Simmonds, Harry “the haircut” Heath and Emyr Davies.

And that’s it! 2014 is done! HUGE thanks to your photographer, Mr Ian Lean, for working his ass off all year to bring the action direct to your screens. He’s been sun burnt, eaten alive by midgies, soaked to the skin – all to bring you the photo-gold.

Lucky for us he’ll be back next year for more! Hit him up on Instagram here.