Tested – Fox AntiFreeze Gloves

Winter is Coming! Time for another look at Fox’s Anti-Freeze winter warmers.

Fox’s ‘Anti-Freeze’ gloves are aimed at the coldest conditions that you’re likely to come across before you start getting really silly. They’re a glove that you’ll reach for when you really should be tucked up at home with the heating on – rather than being a gnarly bastard and braving the icy cold trails. That means they’re a good companion for cold nights on the trails – and equally good for those frosty mornings on the commuter bike.

What’s what?
The Anti-Freeze comes in two parts – a silky-soft, waterproof inner glove and a soft-shell Airprene outer ‘mit’. You can wear the outer glove on it’s own … or add the inner when conditions are super frosty. The inner-glove acts as a very soft, comfortable (albeit a bit creepy-looking!) waterproof layer that is lined with soft fleecy material and sports a warm, weatherproof neoprene wrist-cuff.

The ‘outer’ glove is the main feature though and succeeds in offer a warm, thick and tough winter warmer without being overly bulky or too restrictive. You’ve got a solid digital leather palm, chunky rubber graphics, a bit snot-wiper on the thumb and solid velcro fasteners.

Straight off the shelf the Anti-Freeze gloves feel quite bulky and a lot more like a ski-glove than a bike product. They do however pack down fairly quickly with use and the slight loss in dexterity is made up for in warmth. You won’t be texting or fine-tuning your suspension in them … but you’ll have no trouble hitting the brakes or changing gear.

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So what’s the verdict?
On one hand (geddit?) Fox’s Anti-Freeze gloves work really well – they’re very warm, they offer reasonable dexterity and so far they’ve stood up to the abuse of a full winter of riding. They also look great.

On the other we did feel that they fell short in some departments. The main one was the approach of placing the waterproof layer on the inside via the inner glove. This means that your hands will sweat quickly once you start riding hard and the moisture is retained inside the glove next to your skin. Add in wet conditions soaking the outer glove and you end up with wet hands inside and wet gloves outside …

The Word…
For £35 we think the Fox Anti-Freeze is a great choice for cold-weather trails, commuting and even chilling track-side at off-season events. They aren’t quite a true ‘technical’ winter product but then the price reflects that and Fox have done well to create a glove that is both warm but still offers reasonable dexterity when covering brakes, changing gears etc. We like to think of them as a sensible cross-over between a winter glove and a mountain bike glove – offering enough features to keep you covered when conditions turn frosty.

Should you buy a pair?
If you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the bike through the Winter and are happy to spend your money on a dedicated cold-weather glove then yep, go for it! They’re not perfect … but the price is great and you’ll be glad of them when conditions turn nasty! Whether you’re on the trails, on the road or in the beer garden … the Anti-Freeze gloves have got you covered.  Winter is coming … don’t hide on the sofa!