Join Team Wideopenmag for the British Downhill Series at Bala

Are you racing the British Downhill Series at Bala?
Do you want to be part of Team Wideopenmag for the weekend?

Team rider Kye can’t race Bala – so we’re a rider down. We reckon this might be a good opportunity to help someone out.

We want to give one rider a chance to fill his spot for the weekend. They’ll get to pit with us, track-walk with us, they’ll have a mechanic to tune up their bike (two in fact!), they’ll get fed, they’ll get loads of tips and advice from coach (and ex-World Cup racer) Rich Thomas, they’ll get some photos from our photographer and they’ll even get help warming up at the top of the hill before their race run. We’ll do everything we can to make sure they go as fast as they can and have as much fun as they can all weekend.

They won’t need to be an elite racer or even be getting great results. In fact, we’d prefer it if they weren’t.


Who can apply?

We want an unsupported rider who (ideally) isn’t an elite.

We want someone who doesn’t normally have a mechanic or pits or a turbo at the start-line. We want someone who will really get a boost from joining Team Wideopenmag over their usual weekend of racing.

So – unsupported riders only please. Any age welcome. Boys and girls, men and women, young and old are welcome. You don’t need to be winning races or even getting good results – in fact – we welcome people that aren’t destroying the results sheet and who would really appreciate some help.

And you need to have already entered the race I’m afraid. If you haven’t already paid for an entry and are on the start sheet, we can’t help.


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What do we want in return?

Not much at all! Just a fun person who will appreciate our support and benefit from joining us. You won’t be a deva, you won’t be upset with a little bit of team work and you’ll be good fun to spend the weekend with. Most of all – whatever results you’re currently getting – you’ll be keen to go faster and put in the best race run that  you can.

We’ll also ask you to write a short 500 word piece for the site about your weekend and how it went. We can help with that if writing doesn’t come naturally!

And of course, please only apply of you’re definitely going to turn up and race. And please don’t turn up with a shed of a bike that’s in 3 pieces and expect us to turn it into a race winner. Our mechanics are good … but they don’t do resurrections!


The lovely people at Crank Brothers (sponsors of Team Wideopenmag) have just offered a free pair of their pedals to whoever gets selected. So not only will you get mechanical support, coaching, advice, help with your warm up and all the other stuff … you’ll go home with a fresh pair of Mallet, MalletDH or 5050 flat pedals too! Cheers guys!


Want to apply?

Email [email protected] and let us know who you are.

We don’t need a CV or anything, just email and introduce yourself. We’ll pick our rider the Monday before the race. All we want to know is who you are, what your normal race setup is like and what you’d like to get out of riding with us. No need to write an essay – just a quick email.

Good luck! We’re looking forward to meeting our new team mate!

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