Bike Park Wales announces ‘Terry’s Belly’ – longest blue descent in the UK

Great news as another new trail is unleashed!

Terry’s Belly is the latest at Bike Park Wales and is claimed to be the longest blue descent in the UK.

Terry’s Belly is the new trail at Bike Park Wales and opens today – Monday 10th August 2015. It drops 4.2km down the entire length of Bike Park Wales’ hill and takes in 4 distinct zones. According to the team it’s a “sinuous ribbon of blue singletrack” which sounds pretty enticing.

The trail was built with the help of Rowan Sorrell’s team Back-on-Track and was designed to be flowy and fun above all else. Can’t argue with that right?

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There will be an official launch on Saturday 15th August with some of the park’s sponsors getting together for a ride and to meet the fans.

We can’t wait for a shred. The BPW team always do a great job of their trails and we’ve learnt that a blue grading doesn’t necessarily mean an easy ride. Their trails are fast, fun and great to session over and over.  In fact, we voted Bike Park Wales our favourite uplift venue in the UK. You can read about it here.

BikePark Wales22.08.13PIC © Andy Lloyd