Crowdfund: Sussmybike Suspension Setup Tool

Scottish start-up Sussmybike have just released their crowdfunding video (and now their Kickstarter campaign) for their new suspension setup tool. Sussmybike aims to give you on the fly feedback on your suspension setup via their Sussmybike unit and smartphone app.


UPDATE: The Crowdfunder campaign for Sussmybike is now live! You can visit the Sussmybike KickStarter page here.

Suspension setup is a dark art. Many riders spend their entire riding life not getting the most out of their suspension. Sadly, telling a suspension expert how you want your bike to feel is a mystery to most. It takes a whole deal of time to tweak your fork and shock to get that perfect feeling.

Sussmybike have just launched a crowdfund video for their suspension setup tool. The crowdfunding campaign itself will launch early November. Their tool aims to allow riders to measure how well their suspension is working and adapt their setup accordingly.

So, how does it work? The Sussmybike unit attaches to your fork or shock and measures how your suspension reacts to the trail, giving you quantifiable data to a smartphone app. This data can be used to adjust your suspension setup based on the data.

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It will be interesting to see how long it would take to dial in an improved suspension setup based on the data supplied or even how close to ‘perfect’ any current setup is.

Right now though, Sussmybike need your help to get their suspension setup tool from the advanced prototype stage to market. In their own words: development is moving apace as we figure out the logistics of how to get the electronic assembly, enclosures, certification and ruggedisation necessary to operate in the ‘proper’ mountain bike conditions of rain, mud and grit”. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the crowdfund campaign going live in the next few weeks. You can stay up to date with Sussmybike on their website.