WINTER 2016: Raw Sports Action VI Neoprene Glove first look review

Introducing the Raw Sports Action VI Neoprene glove – a mountain bike glove for riding in cold weather .

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Yep, it’s a sad day! The clocks have changed, the nights are long, the leaves are gone … autumn is firing hard and winter is just around the corner! The very first item of winter riding gear that we’re showing you is Raw Sports‘ VI Neoprene glove – designed for mountain biking in chilly conditions without restricting your movement or reducing any of the “feel” of the bars.

Generally in the UK it’s rarely very, very cold meaning that true “winter” gloves like the Fox Antifreeze see little action (Our Scottish readers can ignore this!). For the most part you need gloves that keep the wind off your fingers when you’re moving and keep your hands dry when it’s damp – rather than needing all out warmth. That means that mid-weight gloves like the Action VI are perfect. They’re not so warm that they can’t be used on chilly-but-not-freezing spring and autumn mornings yet toasty enough for cold, winter conditions.

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The Action VI has a fairly thin palm meaning that there’s no loss of feeling on the bars. The back of the glove is where the sturdiness comes – it’s chunky neoprene and designed to keep your hands dry and cold wind out. The added material compared to a ‘normal’ mountain bike glove does obviously make them feel slightly bulkier but not so much that it will stop you riding challenging trails.

Raw Sports Action VI Neoprene Glove (4 of 4)

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Also nice about the Action VI is the high cuff – which reaches nicely up the wrist to eliminate that gap between your jacket and your glove. It’s a small detail but will be much appreciated on those cold, wet, windy days in South Wales!

At £27.50 the Action VI glove feels like good value for money. The quality feels good, the materials are sturdy and the fit is excellent. There aren’t many other similar gloves out there for similar money.

Next stop – we’ll be out hammering the Action VI on the daily commute and on the trails to see how they stand up to some abuse.

In the mean time, why not read a bit more about Raw Sports from our recent HQ visit?

Raw Sports Action VI Neoprene Glove (4 of 4)