12 Pros of Christmas – Innes Graham.

We’re counting down to Christmas with 12 of our favourite UK pro riders.

Does Manon like sprouts? Does Ratboy love a roast? Does Peaty get presents? Tune in to find out.

Second out of the gate is Tweed Valley’s latest downhill export, keen photographer and animal impressionist extraordinaire, Innes Graham.

innes graham

1. 2015 is almost at an end. Was it a good year for you?

2015 has been a wild one. Some good results and awesome times combined with a really unfortunate injury.
A lot of positives have come from this year though. It’s been pretty eye opening to be teammates with Danny and Emmeline. They have a lot of experience and to see the dedication they put to be at the top has been really cool to witness. Obviously Markus and the rest of MS have always put 100% into helping me reach my goals too. I cant thank them all enough.


2. With off-season in full effect, have you been relaxing or smashing out the intervals?
A bit of both. It all picks up from now and starts getting into the pain stage. A few days off for Christmas and New Year then back to it. I like this time of year though, especially when you know certain things about yourself that could be improved.

3. Favourite ride/race from this season and why?
It’ll have to be between Fort William WC and Schladming IXS. Both were sick tracks and riding with mates seems to bring the best out for me. A 17th at fort William and 7th at a stacked IXS are both things I’m pretty proud of and really motivating for me going into 2016.

4. Worst race/ride and why?
Lenzerheide WC. Straight from track walk I knew I was gonna struggle. I did everything to keep my head up and stay positive but sometimes it doesn’t go your way. I broke my collarbone in Qualification and had surgery the week after. That really screwed a lot of things up for me. Onwards and upwards though huh!

Innes Graham 12 Pros of Christmas.
Style for miles. Photo by Antonio Obregon.

5. What was the last ride/race where you finished running on fumes?
There’s been a couple brutal road rides that come to mind. It’s never ideal when your water bottle freezes and you have no food left with 20 miles to go haha! Scottish problems.

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6. 3 top tunes of your year?
After 30 minutes of Spotify trawling I think I’ll go for:

7. What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
A fresh start with a new team is something that I think is going to rekindle a few embers inside me! Along with some mega stylish teammates and the full WC series.

8. What’s on your Christmas list?
Christmas isn’t that big for me since racing took over, It’s quite an expensive lifestyle and our family seem to have an unwritten agreement that instead of going full whack with presents etc they will help me with expenses and other things that I need throughout the season. It balances out well and helps me in the long run. I Prefer the way we approach this time of year! Family over materialistic gifts win in my opinion.


9. Will you be eating sprouts with your Christmas dinner?
Hell yes. My sister does a kickass dish with sprouts mixed with pomegranate seeds. It’s so good.

10. What will your New Year’s Resolution be?
Stay Healthy and enjoy everything you can.

11. What’s your number one stand out moment from this year?
Crossing the line in Fort William and looking back seeing 2nd. Then collapsing into the hotseat and Joe Smith saying “Fair play kidda!” Haha that was epic.

12. Name one rider to keep a keen eye on for 2016.
Eli Tomac

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