12 Pros of Christmas – Katy Curd

We’re counting down to Christmas with 12 of our favourite UK pro riders.

Does Manon like sprouts? Does Ratboy love a roast? Does Peaty get presents? Tune in to find out.

Our second female of our 12 Pros is one of the UK’s most versatile bike handlers, dabbling in 4X, DH and all the rest, and generally smoking a lot of the guys in the process. Take it away, Katy Curd!

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1. 2015 is almost at an end. Was it a good year for you?

It been an amazing year, I didn’t really know what to expect from this year with it being my first full season back to downhill but I couldn’t of asked for a better year. I had some good results, learnt loads and more importantly had a lot of fun doing so! I’m now ready to make 2016 an even better year!

2. With off-season in full effect, have you been relaxing or smashing out the intervals?

After the last race I had a break from everything which was well needed. I got to spend time with my friends, family and just have some fun chill time. I don’t think I spent to much time off the bike but that’s my just my way of having fun! I am now back into training again though so aching muscles and tired limbs are the things I have to look forward to most days


3. Favourite ride/race from this season and why?

Lourdes, France. This was by far my favourite track of the year, it had everything thrown in to it, it was fast, technical, loose and real hard to put a race run together on it. I didn’t have my best result there for a few reasons but looking forward to getting back there next season.

4. Worst race/ride and why?

Val-Di-Sole, I absolutely love the track there but I struggle a lot with arm pump to the point where it gets dangerous just riding the simplest stuff. So starting off my race run run at Val-Di-Sole not knowing whether I’m even going to be able to make it too the bottom still holding on was not the best feeling to be leaving the start hut with!

5. What was the last ride/race where you finished running on fumes?

Windham, New York. Although it was the shortest race of the year, I think because of that I gave it everything knowing there was no room for error. I gave that race everything I had and it was a good feeling to cross the finish line feeling like I couldn’t of gone any faster.

Katy Curd Fort William UCI Downhill World Cup 2015 Podium.
The aforementioned podium!

6. 3 top tunes of your year?

7. What are you most looking forward to in 2016?


8. What’s on your Christmas list?

A new van, holiday to somewhere sunny, trials motorbike, snowboarding trip… I’ve been a good girl this year! Cheers Santa!

9. Will you be eating sprouts with your Christmas dinner?

Too right, I’m already sneaking them into to our weekly meals! They are best with pine nuts and bacon!


10. What will your New Year’s Resolution be?

Make more time for friends and family

11. What’s your number one stand out moment from this year?
Fort William World Cup. First time ever on a downhill world cup podium, amazing feeling and a weekend I wont be forgetting.

12. Name one rider to keep a keen eye on for 2016.

Maddie Brown

Katy Curd Rose Bikes RAW Sports IXS
It’s a cut spike, don’t worry…