Stanton Bikes’ Launch New Generation Steel Whips.

The guys over at Stanton Bikes never sit still. Small bike companies normally get hammered by the every increasing number of ‘standards’ but in being small, changes can be made quickly.

So with the Plus Size tyre revolution, 142 Boost and a whole host of other things we probably don’t need but get told we can ride without, Stanton Bikes have tweaked their ever-popular steel hardtails to suit. Future-proof until we decide we need more standards, the revised Slackline, Sherpa and Switchback have arrived.

Stanton Bikes Slackline Sherpa

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‘Guess-timating’ is what the guys over at Stanton Bikes have been doing as they aim to tweak their much-loved steel hardtails in order to future-proof them. What comes out of the mill are three familiar frames, classicly Stanton in their genes, but able to adopt the latest fad components should you be that way inclined. They also run the kit you’ve already got, should you be fearful of change.

So what have Stanton done to get the Sherpa, Switchback and Slackline into the 22nd Century? Again, this is more about tweaks than full overhauls, so the chainstay and seatstay yokes have been changed to adopt Plus Size tyres without the need for Boost kit, and without sacrificing mud clearance. Internal routing has gone stealth and super sleek, and ‘long’ options have been added to sizes for those with Mr. Tickle arms. Swapouts let you run any axle configuration too, even knee-destroying singlespeed.

Get yourself over to the Stanton Bikes page dedicated to their new steel hardtails for all the details. Head here for our review of the Stanton Switchback to see what we made of it.