What do you think of carbon fibre mountain bikes …?

Once reserved for the poshest of rides, carbon fibre is now taken for granted in mountain biking.

We’ve teamed up with a Scottish research group who are aiming to improve carbon fibre in mountain biking.

Their first question is “what do YOU think of carbon in mountain biking?

You can get involved here or read on for more info.


Above – the Scott Genius LT – just one of the many carbon bikes we’ve featured here at Wideopen.

“Once available only to the wealthiest of riders, carbon fibre has filtered down to the masses becoming more affordable than ever. Carbon fibre wheels, handlebars and cranks are a common site on the trails more than ever.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on carbon fibre, particularly as companies continue to push the boundaries to improve the performance of our bikes. We want to understand how you, the rider, see carbon fibre.”

Mark Scott 2016 Santa Cruz Bicycles Enduro World Series Andes Pacifico

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Above – Santa Cruz Factory rider Mark Scott putting his trust in his carbon Bronson.

“Do you trust carbon fibre? Do you feel confident that it out performs aluminium? Would you prefer to buy carbon to other materials?

One lucky individual, on completion of our short survey, will receive a free uplift day at any UK uplift venue (Revolution Bike Park, Uplift Scotland etc.).

Your opinion will be valued and used as part of a university based research project looking at the use of carbon fibre in the bike industry. No personal data supplied will be published and it will be fully confidential.”

Closing date to be considered for the free uplift day is 21st November at midnight.

Compete the Survey by clicking HERE.