Go ride here: Pearce Cycles uplift at Bucknell

Last weekend we hit the road for a day out with our mate Scout from Ti-Springs.

We scored some last minute spots at the Pearce Cycles uplift at Bucknell up in Shropshire.

It seems like uplifts are getting both pricier and trickier to actually get booked on these days – but Pearce seemed to have plenty of spaces and no stress about getting a spot. Great news all round.

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I’d never ridden Bucknell and was stoked to find a short, really fun track with loads of jumps, loads of loam and just enough tricky bits to keep me on my toes. There’s a particularly gnarly step down into a big, rough right hand berm that took plenty of working up to ….  There’s one main track with a couple of other sneaky variations if you do a bit of exploring. It’s perfect for a DH bike but I rode a 160mm enduro bike and it was all good.

If you’re a fan of cheap uplifts (just 25quid), you like smashing 15+ runs a day and you’re partial to quick, easy, fast uplifts with no queues … then you should definitely give Pearce Cycles a shout.