TweedLove Introduce Enjoyro Entry Level Enduro for 2017.

The 2017 TweedLove event will see an entry-level enduro for anyone over twelve in form of the G-Form Enjoyro.

In addition to their International Enduro, Tweedlove have added a race for those looking to give enduro a go, without the pressure of big names and a meaty course. Anyone 12 or over will be able to enter, so this might be one for the young rippers in the family!

Fun for all the family.

TweedLove is delighted to introduce our much anticipated entry-level enduro race, the G-Form Enjoyro. To be held late afternoon and evening on Friday 9th June, as part of the three day long TweedLove on the Green Festival in Peebles, the race is shorter and technically easier than TweedLove’s other enduros.

The G-Form Enjoyro has been created to attract riders who might feel concerned about the perceived levels of fitness or ability required for more competitive enduros, but who still want to enjoy the fun of racing an enduro event. Instead of requiring a full weekend time commitment, it will all take place in just a few hours.

The race stages are all within the Glentress trail centre, with a relatively short overall course distance and technically straightforward descents. It is intended as a taster event for both adults and junior (over 12) riders.

Feeling the buzz.

While the course has been carefully chosen with this in mind, the fun will still be turned up to full volume, as the race starts and finishes in the buzz of the main festival centre event village in Peebles.

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“There’s so much to like about this event – enduro is a great, friendly way to sample the excitement of racing, and we are so happy to finally offer an intro level event. It’s for younger riders and anyone at all who wants to dip a toe in the enduro pond,” says organiser Neil Dalgleish. “Working with G-Form has allowed us to give it the green light at last – they understand exactly what we want to achieve with this.”

“The G-Form Enjoyro event is a perfect platform for entry level enduro racers to gain experience in the sport. The G-Form products give riders of all ages, and abilities, the confidence needed to race at the highest level” said Michael DeLeon, G-Form VP Global Marketing. “We’re excited to partner with TweedLove on this new event that will get more people racing.”

Next generation.

The G-Form Enjoyro will also cater for some younger rippers, with the minimum starting age of 12, but with 12 to 14 year olds riding in a new ‘Generations’ category where they will ride with a parent or responsible adult. Everyone gets their own individual race time though.

“We are very keen to attract more females into enduro too,” says Neil. “MTB events are often poorly attended by women, and in many cases they make up less than 5% of the total entry numbers. We hope to increase these figures substantially through events like the G-Form Enjoyro.”

Entries for the 2017 G-Form Enjoyro are live and full information can be found at