A video tribute to the first day of Spring.

March 20th 2017 – welcome to Spring time.

Whilst some put the 1st day of Spring as March 1st, the Spring equinox falls on March 20th. That means that, either way, Spring 2017 has official sprung. Winter is over.

March 20th marks the first day of ‘astronomical spring’. The solstices and equinoxes are the ‘changing points’ for the Earth’s seasons and mark the shift between spring, summer, autumn and winter. Simply put, good times are on the way.

The daffs are sprouting, baby lambs are popping up in the fields, little shoots of grass are poking up around the trails and here and there, very occasionally, the sun is starting to peak out and promise that yep, it’s not actually still winter.

For us mountain bikers it means the start of the race season, World Cups are just around the corner, dry trails aren’t just a distant memory, big days out with dry feet and short sleeves are just about, almost here. Soon we’ll be sipping beers in the sun post-ride, donning sun glasses on the trails, forgetting we even own water proof socks!

Most importantly, day light. Today we have 2 minutes more day light than we had yesterday. 2 whole minutes of sunlight and just about enough time to squeeze in ‘one more run’ if you’re quick!

We made this video with Jacob Gibbins, Wideopen’s Rich Thomas and our friends over at Pipedream Cycles as a little ‘cheers!’ to Spring time and the promise that sunny days, evening rides and dry trails are just around the corner.

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Thanks to Pipedream Cycles

Rich is riding the new Pipedream Sirius 4G hardtail – a steel 27+/29″ hardtail that’s perfect for blasting around the British countryside. The Sirius 4G is the 4th generation bike of the same name and will land in the UK March 2017. It has been built to be fun to ride, aggressive and versatile.

Pipedream were kind enough to support the costs of making this video, timed around the launch of the Sirius.

You can learn more about the Sirius and Pipedream here (links to their website) or in our interview with their designer here on Wideopen.

Cheers Spring!