RockShox introduce remote levers for coil shocks

Here’s an interesting piece of tech news …

The new Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil range will include a bar mounted remote option.

The new Super Deluxe Coil range

Today sees the launch of the new Super Deluxe Coil range – a four version range that is aimed at everything from trail riding to World Cup downhill.

One of the headlines of the announcement is the Super Deluxe Coil RCT Remote. The RCT Remote features ‘OneLoc’, a bar mounted remote which allows riders to adjust their rear shock on the fly.

The OneLoc remote offers two positions. The ‘threshold’ position provides a firmer ride for climbing, sprinting or churning out the miles. It’s intended for situations where you need to get your head down and churn out some speed without any suspension feedback. The fully ‘open’ position is as you’d expect. Hit that and the shock is it’s normal state without any added firmness. Run that for downhills, timed stages, rough terrain and anywhere where you want to go fast and benefit from everything the shock has to offer.

Will we see pro riders running the lower spec Remote options for the more pedally World Cup downhill tracks, like South Africa? Yep, seems likely.

“damn, I rode that whole trail locked out!”

Whilst it wasn’t a RockShox or a coil rear shock, we’ve spent a lot of time running a remote lever on a recent Scott Genius lon1g travel enduro bike. If you can get over the aesthetics (and associated banter from your mates) of having an extra cable on your bars the benefits are really noticeable. You can quickly slam your bike into ‘pedal’ mode without taking your hands off the bars, there’s no groping around under your bike to try and find a tiny adjuster lever. There’s also no more “damn, I rode that whole trail locked out!”. During enduro stages it’s a real benefit when you hit the fire road, you’re smoked and you need a little helping hand between descents.

The new Super Deluxe coil range is designed to – RockShox tell us – break bring coil performance away from pure downhill and big enduro bikes and put it onto bikes that pedal up, along and down. I

All will be available with complete bikes or frames, though not as after-market upgrades.

The new range includes:

Super Deluxe Coil R – affordable coil shock with rebound adjust.

Super Deluxe Coil RCT – threshold adjust, low speed compression adjust and rebound adjust.

Super Deluxe Coil RT Remote – features bar mounted threshold adjust, rebound and damping adjust.

Super Deluxe Coil World Cup – High end World Cup DH race shock with low-speed compression and rebound adjust.

We’re seeing an interesting full-circle going on with rear suspension at the moment. As we all moved away from downhill bikes and onto trail and enduro, the coil shock fell out of favour and was replaced by air. We all pissed and moaned about lack of adjustability, wooden feeling damping and no small bump sensitivity. Shocks improved but everyone still (go on, admit it!) still years for the heady days of coil.

As enduro gets more popular and enduro gets gnarlier we’re seeing more and more riders upgrading their air cans for coil once again … It’s understandable, we’re all bias to the descending so why not put up with a bit of weight and pedal feedback for a more aggressive, plush bike?

New features

Seemingly, the new shocks from RS reflect that trend. There’s a few interesting features about them that are worth you knowing about.

The big one is that RS have brought remote adjustment to coil. Previously the staple of XC whippets and air shox, the new Deluxe coils will feature bar-mounted remote levers. Flicking the ‘OneLoc’ remote will switch between fully ‘open’ and ‘threshold’. Jerome Clementz and Cecil Ravanel have been testing this at the 2016 EWS with good results we’re told.

Perhaps slightly less revolutionary but nonetheless useful, all shocks in the range will feature sag% on the shaft. That’ll help with setup and in understand what % of travel you’re using when you’re trying to nail your ideal setup.

All shocks in the range will come with steel springs, available in 50lb increments from 250lb to 650lb.

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