Throw Back Thursday : Ride to the Hills.

It’s Thursday and that means only one thing – nostalgic throw backs to retro mountain bike stuff!

This week … it’s Ride to the Hills, from 2001.

We’re going to spend the next few weeks revisiting some of the classics that make mountain biking what it is today. Stuff from the you-kids-don’t-know-you’re-born, it-wasn’t-like-that-in-my-day golden era of mountain biking. Sure, all the bikes were crap, head angles were over vertical and decent, accessible riding was a gleam in Rowan’s Sorrell’s eye but …. the golden sheen of nostalgia can’t be defeated.

Third in the series is the legendary Ride to the Hills from 2001 – the video series that brought heavy metal and freeride together.

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While last week’s entry, Mud Cows from 1999, harked back to the golden days of UK mountain biking as it marched towards global domination, Ride to the Hills took what are now the Godfathers of Freeride to the now legendary locations of Virgin, Utah and the North Shore long before they were known to the World.

If there’s anything cooler that Dave Watson’s power wheelie cutty at the start of this film, then we need to see it.

Ride to the Hills – we salute you.