Atherton Diaries | Crashes, Skate Parks and Dogs.

Off the back of their chilled winter training series from California, the Athertons have launched their new ‘Atherton Diaries’.

Catch the fastest family out there at home in deepest, darkest Wales. Dan is busy as ever grafting like a champ but pretty good at falling off his bike. Gee and Rach stick to what they know best.

The brand new Atherton Diaries takes the form of a fortnightly blog show including the best of the action of two weeks in the life of MTB s first family. Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton introduce new team-mates Muddy and Kade, the Atherton academy, their support team, fellow riders, trail builders and friends.

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The first episode is filmed at various locations including the Climach-X trail in Dyfi, Dan Atherton’s work-in-progress skatepark and Athy HQ and is the first in a series which will follow the Atherton’s extended family as they push the boundaries of the sport of mountain- biking.

Gee Atherton said ” this isn’t the Atherton project, we never like to revisit what we’ve done before, we’ve moved stuff on, we still want to share some of the stuff that goes down and some of the funny things that go on behind the scenes but this is a less polished, more modern take on the idea – more like a vlog. We’re excited to share what we get up to at and away from the races.”