South and Central America are all about their urban downhill races these days, and our roving reporter Julio Arellano brought us this from Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is a fishing town on the west coast of Mexico, know for its beaches, watersports and nightlife. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an amazing urban downhill race. Julio Arellano has penned us this short report with some amazing photos from the Down Puerto Vallarta 2017.

The serenity of a traditional peaceful fishing port on the west coast of Mexico was suddenly broken by the vertiginous descent of MTB riders who took to the streets of the old down town.

560 miles away from Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta stands as one of the most important tourist destinations in the region, a mix of tradition and sophisticated tourist infrastructure, as well as numerous cultural festivals and sports tournaments.

Puerto Vallarta became the perfect stage for this first edition of urban downhill that managed to bring together 40 of the best riders in the world and more than 25 thousand crowd in a party of speed and adrenaline.

The track, designed by Olly Wilkins, had a length of 0.5 mile from the top of the Cerro de la Cruz and descended at full speed through old, steep alleys until reaching the sea shore of Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, where a massive crowd received them.


1st. Tomas Slavik (CZK) 1:27.77

2nsd. Remy Metailler (FR) 1:27.81

3rd Bernardo Cruz (BRA) 1:27.93.

Big thanks to Julio for being our eyes and ears on the ground, for the great photos and report. You can check out his website here.

Full details and results from the Down Puerto Vallarta 2017 can be found on the event Facebook page here or on the organiser’s page here.

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