Bike Park Wales revamps Insufficient Funds … and it looks so good!

Bike Park Wales has just put the finishing touches to its revamped Insufficent Funds trail.

Graded Red Plus, Insufficient Funds links the lower half of the hill back down into the uplift pick up point. It’s just under 1km long and packs in 25 jumps.

It starts with some fast, flowy singletrack and then (thanks to the updates) treats riders to some sizeable step down jumps and big berms. Completing the updates are five brand new and decently sized table tops that will offer riders a chance to ride a big, fast, flowy rhythm section. We’ve not ridden them yet but they looked super good fun and a great place to step up to riding bigger jumps.

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If you’ve ridden the trail don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it!

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