Loosefest day 1| Big, gnarly, scary jumps.

Holy. Smoke. Loose Fest is another level.

Imagine what you think mountain biking on a video game would look like … that’s basically what Nico Vink and friends are actually, real life riding this week.

Our mate Joel Anderson and his crew are out at Loose Fest this weekend – they’ve had a chilled (by their standards anyway….) warm up and are now well onto hitting the big stuff.

Loose Fest is the mad creation of freerider Nico Vink and is being help right now in Bikepark Ferme Libert Official in Malemede, Belgium.

The course is made up of 6 jumps and a couple of corners. Riders get two modest jumps to get going and are fired straight into a series of insanely big jumps that wouldn’t look small in a Nitro Circus video. The smallest jump is somewhere around 40ft if that gives you an idea!

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We’ll be checking in on Joel throughout the week – so far, he’s killing it out there!