2018 Ard Rock enduro sells out in … well, instantly!

If you’re one of the lucky few that got an Ard Rock Enduro entry then you should congratulate yourself.

Entries went on sale early this morning and – according to organiser Joe Rafferty – sold out almost instantly.

In a Glastonbury style race for tickets, riders got up early to try and bag a spot and furiously punched card details into the website.

Many riders made it through and will race the event, others will need to find something else to do on the 5th August 2018. Entries for all but the Marathon event (the untimed, sportive style ride) were gone in seconds.

Gone in an instant

According to organiser Joe “The Enduro tickets were all selected on the second it opened. Beyond that, people only managed to get tickets if someone don’t complete their purchase and were dropped back into the system”.

If you made the cut, we’ll see you there on 5th August 2018 in North Yorkshire.

And if you didn’t get a ticket

If you didn’t, there’s the Ard Rock Enduro reserve list here that you can add your name to for updates.

You can also still ride the 2018 Ard Rock Marathon, which is a lap of the course minus any timed sections. Still though, a great bike ride and complete with all the festivities of the Ard Rock.

There’s also a number of other enduro races in 2018 that you might like to race instead? There’s obviously the Malverns, there’s the Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, the Mini Enduro series and the 2018 Enduro Mountain Bike Championships. The Scottish Enduro Series also has an event on the same weekend at Dunoon, which should be awesome.


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