Cotic Launch 5th Generation Soul Hardtail.

Fifteen years after its original iteration comes the latest and greatest of Cotic’s original offering, the fifth generation of the Soul is here.

Constantly honing, refining and keeping the Soul ahead of the curve, Cy at Cotic has released this beautiful new Cotic Soul. How’s about that ‘mercury’ finish?

The new Cotic Soul is designed to be versatile enough for big rides whilst still being just long, low and slack enough for fun on aggressive trails. You could well sling the bike-packing bags on one day and then hammer a Scottish peak the next.

The geometry cart shows a bike that isn’t wildly slack – it’s built around a 120mm fork with a 67d head angle and is likely to have a lively, nippy, easy to chuck around feeling.  If you want slacker, go for the Bfe of course.

Something that is very modern is the long reach (412mm on the XSmall, 48omm on a large) and a short stem (30-50mm).

There’s no 29″ or plus size here though. The new Soul sports Boost 148 rear spacing paired with the super clearance stays, like those on the SolarisMAX and BFe. That allows 27.5 x 2.6 or 26 x 3.0″ tyres.

If you want one, frames start at £599, with complete bikes starting at £1699.99 for the ‘Silver’ build, rising to £3,249.99 for the ‘Platinum’ option.

 All bikes and frames can be bought direct from Cotic.

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