Veronique Sandler’s best bits of 2017

Veronique Sandler joined the Wideopen crew for 2017 and had an incredible year.

With Vero moving on to pastures new we’re taking a look back at the best bits of the year.

Veronique Sandler

Vero’s launch vid

Obviously we’re a bit bias but Vero’s arrival on the team brought a wicked little launch video. She teamed up with film maker Callum Philpott and tore up some of the Forest of Dean’s muddiest, wintriest trails.  It was a great start to the year.

Peanut Butter Porridge

Vero has traditionally been a downhill racer and has plenty of World Cup races under her belt. For 2017 though, she wanted to move away from racing and focus on big jumps and video edits.

Her weirdly named Peanut Butter Porridge vid was her first proper edit of the year showing folk that she really can properly shred.

Fort William World Cup

Vero couldn’t resist a punt at the Fort William World Cup and despite destroying her ankle a few weeks before she scored top 10 in qualification and 12th in her final run.

Messin’ in Morzine

For a quick summer break Vero shot out to Morzine and drifted dusty turns for a week. Obviously, there was a video alongside too!

Sheffield Shredding

Vero spends a lot of time up in Sheffield and we’re sure would thank the guys up north for helping her level up her skills this year. Her Sheffield Shredding video was another absolute banger!

Vero’s teeshirt range

When she’s not riding you’ll likely find Vero sketching away in her note pad. Midway through the year she teamed up with the Banana Industries guys to turn her art into some clothing designs – you can read an interview with her about them here.

Riding Hafjell Bike Park

September saw Vero and her boyfriend Max head out to Norway to ride Hafjell Bike Park – with a little help from Wideopen and Melon Optics. They did some wild camping, explored the stunning Norwegian countryside and rode the hell out Hafjell Bike Park. And, of course, they made a video!

Destroying the BDS

Despite not wanting to focus on racing, Vero smashed the British Downhill Series. So much so, she actually took second overall in Elite Women – beating some proper big time, full time World Cup racers. Not bad at all!

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Good luck on your new set up in 2017 Vero!

Big thanks to the following awesome brands for supporting Vero for 2017

Marin Bikes | Intense UK | Troy Lee Designs | Deity

Stans No Tubes | MTB Strength Factory | 661

Sprung Suspension Workshop | Ti-Springs


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