The best bits of Saturday at the Malverns Classic 2018

The GT Bicycles Malverns Classic is back and in full swing.

It’s an amazing mix-up of new school vs old school with loads of racing, bikes to ride, beer to drink and games to play… longest skid anyone?

There’s also a lot (an awful lot) of retro bikes from MTB yesteryear.

Sam Dugon hit the hill on Satruday for a walk round and to grab a few photo randoms from the back-and-better-than-ever Malverns Classic.

What’s the Malverns without retro bikes?

The little red Specialized below is Jason McCroy’s team issue, super limited edition pro-bike that he’s seen riding on the front cover of the Dirt video from 1995.

Whilst the hill at Eastnor isn’t much to shout about, the Malverns have packed in more than enough racing for even the most die hard of racing fans.

We’ve had dual slalom, XC, quad eliminator, 4X, downhill and even a full blown enduro race. If you don’t mind a few grassy turns and love loads of racing… the Malverns is the one for you.

The XC race fired lycra whippets round 5 laps of Eastnor’s finest. There were retro and modern bikes alike and a few legends of the sport… not least Dave Hemming on that stunner old school Klein.

The main event on Saturday was the Quad Eliminator, an old-school four-at-a-time throw down through a bomb hole jump and a tonne of loose, grassy corners.

Built On Baggies

The morning started with a few crashes as folks got used to the jump and the step-up gap caught plenty of riders out. The racing came down to a battle between Sam Dale, Joe Breeden, Emyr Davies and a dark hourse fourth rider that we’re still trying to track down.

Emyr eventually took the win and added another #1 medal to his collection, having already won Friday’s dual slalom.