We’re counting down to Christmas with 12 of our favourite pro riders.

Your next Christmas Pro is EWS podium regular, multiple 4X World Champ and all-round pinner, regardless of bike, Anneke Beerten.

Photo by Sarah Viggers.

2018 is almost at an end. Was it a good year for you?

It was a year with some awesome moments and results and some shit ones. It’s always hard to have a consistent season, but in general it was a great year doing what I love, travelling the globe, racing and riding my bike.

With off-season in full effect, have you been relaxing or smashing out the intervals?

Nowadays there is no more “off season” in my opinion. After the season I went straight into sponsor meetings at Interbike and started working on my 2019 plans. My training definitely slows down after the season and my work behind the computer is always ramping up. I try to keep my training fun and ride and race a lot more MX in the off-season and always try to ride with my friends.

Favourite ride/race from this season and why?

Without a doubt the EWS in Manizales, Colombia. I won the Urban EWS stage racing down the streets of Manizales, with thousands of crazy fans lined up next to the course. I never ever experienced something like it, it was awesome.

Worst race/ride and why?

Crashing and hurting my lower back at the EWS in France. After going OTB my back just blocked and all my muscles went into this spasm. Was unable to finish that race.

What was the last ride/race where you finished running on fumes?

That was definitely the Day In The Dirt MX race I did last week! It was so awesome, but extremely hard. Average heart rate was 175bpm over 45min. I was hanging on for dear life at the end of it.

3 top tunes of your year?

Can I only name 3? That’s a tough one….

Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

I saw Mumford & Sons live this year and that was so rad. Also saw Gavin live and its kinda of a funny story because up till last year he was a pro-cyclocross racer. Love his music. Def play the Cure and Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac weekly.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

The changes I’m going to make! It is scary but I am very exited to start doing more projects outside of racing and get more people stoked on riding bikes. Keep an eye out for Crank It Up MTB.

What’s on your Christmas list?

I just booked a ticket back home to the Netherlands, so I’m looking forward to spend time with my family that I haven’t seen for a while.

Will you be eating sprouts with your Christmas dinner?

Nope, definitely not! I normally end up having an ice cream eating competition with my sister. I know, very competitive in everything…

What will your New Year’s Resolution be?

Less time on my phone.

What’s your number one stand out moment from this year?

Winning the Urban EWS stage in Colombia, that was such a trip.

Name one rider to keep a keen eye on for 2019.


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