Severn Bridge Toll scrapped – mountain bikers rejoice!

As of today, motorists travelling westward from England in to Wales will no longer have to pay to cross either of the Severn Bridges.

Great news for anyone travelling into Wales as the Severn Bridge tolls are finally removed.

© Andy Lloyd

The Severn Bridge and Second Severn Crossing bridges connect the M4 and M48 motorways from the South West of England over to South Wales.

Both have, until today, operated tolls for west bound traffic. If you were driving from England to Cwm Carn, the Forest of Dean, Bike Park Wales, Afan or any of the Welsh trails it’s likely you would cross the bridge and have to pay to play.

The toll was introduced when the bridges were built in the 1960’s and generated up to £10m a month for its operators at Severn Crossing PLC.

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Toll prices rose year on year and in 2017 it cost cars £6.70 and vans a whopping £13.40. If you drive a van and ride 30 weekends a year, that was £400 a year. Prices were then cut in 2018 and the announcement made that, at the end of the year, the toll would be scrapped all together.

Perhaps the news will give you that kick to get out and try Bike Park Wales’ new trails?

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