DarkFEST is back and you can catch up with the week one build recap here to see what Nico Vink, Clemens Caudela and Sam Reynolds have been up to.

Nico and Clemens have been back in the diggers in South Africa to create a fresh, and massive, DarkFEST course.

Photos by Eric Palmer.

The boys have been very busy on the mountain this week and have given the entire course a refresh and managed to test some of the features. After seeing how well most of the improvements are working, I think we’re in for a real treat this year.

The main new feature, the massive trick jump at the bottom is the only thing that needs more serious tweaking as the guys were getting so much speed on the run in they decided to raise the landing a few meters and dig the lip deeper to make it taller and steeper.

So Clemens is giving his rocket launcher a complete makeover. The rest of the course has had a few minor tweaks. It is looking burnished and so smooth & glossy with the trademark Nico & Clemens perfection.

Endura Takeovertea

Nico also spent some quality time with the twisty wizard, between the big 100 footer and the hip and made it even more twisty with the landing more finned out almost into a wall ride that aims you straight at the hip with tonnes of speed.

The step up is also a bit taller and the landing is slightly hipped to the right to set up for the drop, which has also been made steeper a bit after testing which now sets you up for the trick jump perfectly.

They’ve been working so well that they’ve even had time to smooth the shuttle roads out, so the laps should be firing even faster despite the course being quite a bit longer.

Next week all the other guys will start arriving and we can’t wait to see their reactions and get the sessions going.

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