Tested : Ben Reviews the Mudhugger 504 MTB Glasses.

Mudhugger are well-known for making amazing kit to keep the cack out of your eyes, and they’ve added riding glasses to their offering as well.

Ben has been testing the Mudhugger 504 MTB glasses through the winter months to see if they cut the mustard as another barrier between trail slop and your eyes.

Key features:

  • Photochromatic lenses made by Rad8
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Replaceable lenses
  • Prescription lenses available
  • £89.00 RRP
  • Mudhugger.co.uk

Riding bikes through the woods is a lot easier when you can see where you are going which is why the lads over at Mudhugger have added the Spec 504 to their product lineup.

They are packed full of features to keep your vision clear in the worst UK riding conditions. The lenses are photochromic, meaning that the amount of light they let through changes with the conditions. In the sun, they act like sunglasses and in the dark woods, they are almost clear. The inside of the lenses have an anti-fog coating and they are mounted in a light weight black frame with soft nose bridge.

Early impressions were good. The 504’s have a wide field of vision and protected my eyes well from the autumn bugs and early winter mud splatters. They felt secure on my face and never fell off or even moved about. The anti-fog coating has been really effective, both on warmer, sweatier rides and also on the cold, wet rides that really put glasses and goggles to the test.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

On the Mudhugger site they state that these are suitable for night riding, but I found that they were not quite clear enough for me. Admittedly, in the night-riding arms-race to have the brightest light, I could do with a few more lumens, but with my current setup I found the slight tint of the lens to be too dark for me. If you have a mega-light and eat more carrots then you might be ok though.

The photochromic lenses were fast to react and this makes the glasses really versatile and useable in my eyes. You just pop them on and forget about them until the end of the ride which is exactly what you want.

What do we think?

I like the styling of the frame, although I wasn’t a fan of the Mudhugger logo in white on the side of the arms. Although in general I am a bit of an enduro w*nker with my goggles on, I have used these glasses way more than I expected, partly because they work and partly because they don’t look terrible like so many pairs of riding glasses on the market.

We love:

  • Adapts well to most light conditions.
  • Comfortable on the face.
  • Wide field of view.

Could do better:

  • Not quite clear enough for night riding without powerful lights.

Check out everything Mudhugger 504-related over on their website here.

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