Lapierre BEMBA British National Enduro Series Rd1 Afan – And your winners are…

Last weekend saw the first event in the BEMBA British National Enduro Series calendar take place at Afan in South Wales.

The race, organised by Welsh Gravity Enduro and sponsored by Lapierre, was a big step forward for British Enduro. It was the first of the new BNES series and the first race where several organisers have come together to create a national series.

Men’s overall fastest times

  1. Leigh Johnson
  2. Matty Stuttard
  3. Christo Gallagher
  4. Sam Shucksmith
  5. Reece Langhorn

Unlike the downhill, the enduro is split up into age groups so there’s no ‘elite’ category.

The fastest time of the day went to, as predicted, Leigh Johnson. Leigh put on a hell of a race, winning the Welsh Gravity Enduro Mash Up on Saturday, winning every stage but one at the BNES and taking the win by over 10 seconds.

Second fastest overall was Matty Stuttard and then our very own Christo Gallagher. Matty was the only rider able to give Leigh a run for his money, beating him on stage 1.

Merida eOneSixtyMerida eOneSixty

Overall men’s results are here on Roots and Rain.

Women’s overall fastest times

  1. Becky Cook
  2. Kirsty Adams
  3. Katie Wakely
  4. Abigale Lawton
  5. Ellen Flewitt

Fastest female was Becky Cook who won every stage and crossed the line a minute faster than 2nd place Kirsty Adams and 3rd place Katie Wakely.

Overall women’s results are here on Roots and Rain.

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