When is Dyfi Bike Park opening?

Yesterday we spent a day at Dyfi Bike Park with the Athertons.

It was a chance to try out the trails, ride the new Atherton Bikes and find out when the bike park will finally open.

Dyfi Bike Park was first teased 4 years ago when Dan Atherton shut down the internet riding some mysterious jumps in deepest darkest Wales (video below!).

Since then the Athertons have teased out instagram nuggets and mini-updates but kept fairly tight-lipped about when Dyfi Bike Park would actually open.

We spent the day with the Atherton’s at Dyfi Bike Park and tried out 2 full trails and some segments of the others and it looks like they’re not far off being ready to go. Dan explained to us that there’s a few bits of red-tape that are still to be completed but, all being well, they’re pretty much ready to go.

You can hear it from the man himself on the video above but for anyone that can’t watch the vid, Dan told us:

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I guess you want an update? So yeah, it’s been 4 years now in the making. I know everyone’s getting a bit cheese off seeing Gee and Rachel’s posts of them riding it. The good news is that we’re good to go really. We’re literally going to open any day… so keep checking the website for bookings.

We’ll open with 4 tracks. They start at about 400m and drop down to about 60m at the bottom. There will be an option to pedal up to the top to 600m, that’s not open to start with but within the first month or so we’re hoping to get that open. Work in progress“.

We also asked Dan what bike he’d recommend you guys bring along…

“Bring both, man. We’ve tried to build something that you could make a day of it if you like. There’s the race track, there’s the DH track that you can lap out on the downhill bike and then there’s the jump line that’s way more fun on a short travel 160 or 150mm”.

We’re not allowed to share too much just yet but Dyfi Bike Park is just outside Corris and near to Machynlleth in North Wales. It’s going to be a brand new mountain bike venue for downhill and enduro style riding with uplifts. The website is still in the works but you can follow the park on Instagram via @dyfibikepark.