Stan’s Launch Flow and Baron CB7 Carbon Rims and Wheels.

Stans have released two new rims that form the basis of their new Flow and Baron CB7 wheelsets build around an all-new Neo hub.

Asymmetric offset carbon rims designed for durability in a lightweight package is the aim of the game with the new Stans Baron and Flow CB7 wheelsets.

Featuring an entirely new asymmetric version of Stan’s Bead Socket Technology tubeless rim  developed in partnership with Ibis Cycles. Asymmetric rims with offset drilling are designed to allow for more balanced spoke tension and a stronger wheel. The new Flow CB7 and Baron CB7 aim to combine the benefits of an asymmetric rim with the low weight, reliability and ride quality.

By taking advantage of the added width of rims like the Flow CB7 (29mm internal width) and Baron CB7 (35mm internal width) and studying tyre behaviour during inflation, rim shape and spoke hole location were designed to work together, making inflation easier.

Flow CB7

Key features:

  • Asymmetric Bead Socket Technology
  • Asymmetric rim shape with offset drilling
  • Custom carbon layup
  • Low-profile sidewalls and RiACT rim design
  • 100% CNC machined hubs with 6-pawl engagement
  • Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8 spokes
  • WideRight rim design optimized for 2.35 – 2.80” tires
  • Custom build options and decal colors
  • Available in all popular axle configurations
  • Available for Shimano HG or SRAM XD cassettes
  • 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement

The Flow CB7 is a lightweight carbon trail rim featuring a new asymmetric version of Stan’s  Bead Socket Technology rim shape. The new carbon Flow CB7 has an added lay-up process to increase strength while keeping weight to only 420g for the 27.5” rim and 455g for the 29” model. The 29mm inner width of the Flow CB7 is designed around 2.35” to 2.6” tires.

The shape and layup of the Flow CB7 are rooted in radial impact absorbing carbon technology (RiACT), designed to absorb vibrations, resist pinch flats and withstand impacts while maintaining lateral stiffness.

Merida eOneFourtyMerida eOneFourty

Baron CB7

Key features:

  • BST rim shape
  • 35mm internal width
  • 6069 alloy
  • Neo hubs with new Durasync freehubs accelerate quicker
  • Sapim Force spokes and Sapim Secure Lock aluminum nipples
  • Available for Shimano or SRAM XD cassettes
  • Also available as a custom build with additional axle configurations
  • WideRight for 2.80”-3.20” Trail tires

The Baron CB7 has the same new asymmetric Bead Socket Technology as the Flow CB7 for added strength and lower weight, but its 35mm internal width makes it a better choice for wider tires. Despite being 6mm wider than the Flow CB7, the new Baron CB7 shares the exact same incredibly low weight (only 420g for the 27.5” model and 455g for the 29” model).

The new Neo hub with Durasync 6-pawl freehub for quick 10-degree engagement and triple freehub bearings that better distribute axle load. Neo hubs shells are 100% CNC-machined for precision and roll on low-friction centerless ground axles for long life and reliable performance.

The Baron CB7’s extremely light and strong rim also incorporates Stan’s RiACT technology to absorb impacts and vibrations for improved durability.. The 41mm external width of the Baron CB7s takes full advantage of the offset spoke drilling of Stan’s asymmetric Bead Socket Technology, allowing the spokes to approach the rim at an angle that gives better support for the wider rim.


Full details on the new Stans Flow and Baron CB7 rims and wheels can be found on their website here.

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