Nukeproof Release Ti-Coated Bearings for Their Headsets.

Claiming to reduce rust-induced issues, Nukeproof have launched headsets with titanium-coated races to extend their service life.

Nukeproof’s new titanium coated headset bearing races aim to increase the ‘fit and forget’ nature of their headsets. Both the bottom and top cups, as well as individual bearings will be available from Nukeproof.

If you’re the kind of rider that doesn’t want to have to do any maintenance on your bike, or just fancy doing less of it, then the new Nukeproof Ti-coated headset bearings might be something to look at.

As the steel balls cannot rust solid to the Ti races, there’s no chance of the bearing seizing in the usual way they do after a particularly minging winter. So confident are Nukeproof that these bearings will do the mileage, they have backed it up with a 5-year warranty.

Currently top and bottom cups, as well as bearings-only kits are available. Cups are £29.99 each, the bearings are £19.99 each.

You can get yourself some rust-free headset love over on Nukeproof’s website here.

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