We went riding with Greg Minnaar (and stuck a GoPro on him)

How cool is this? We went riding with Greg flippin Minnaar, we stuck a GoPro to him and we followed him down some of our favourite trails.

Greg Minnaar is in the UK for a little while doing his Speakers From The Edge Tour. To celebrate, CrankBrothers organised a day for a few of their mates to meet Greg and go for a ride – guided and uplifted by WyeMTB.

The ride was on the same day as Greg’s Cheltenham tour date so he rode with us, had a cuppa and then jetted off to present straight from the trails.

For full details on Greg Minnaar’s Speakers From The Edge Tour you can visit the SFTE website here.

There are two dates remaining, and both have tickets:

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Mon 28 Oct
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Wed 30 Oct
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