Strava Reckons You’ll Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions By the 19th.

We’ve all been there. Overambitious New Year’s Resolutions get the better of us, and swamped gyms around the country are quiet by February.

The so-called ‘Quitter’s Day’, January 19th 2020, two days later than the 2019 Quitter’s Day comes after Strava’s Year in Sport report that covers for than 822 million activities, collectively covering more than 8 billion miles.

But there’s plenty you can do to shake the temptation to give it too much in January, only to find it’s taking up too much of your time in February.

Strava reckons that joining a club or riding in a group increases the distance covered, as does aiming for three sessions a week as well as setting a goal to aim for.

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