Jack Moir Joins Canyon Factory Racing to Race the Enduro World Series.

Jack ‘Shark Attack’ Moir has joined Canyon Factory Racing officially after some speculation, but not to race downhill.

It’s certainly a move we did, and didn’t, see coming. There were rumours abound about the Aussie’s next team after he announced that he was leaving Intense, and the rumours have now been confirmed as Jack Moir joins Canyon Factory Racing.

What is a surprise is to see him changing his focus to enduro for 2020 and beyond. Moir joins Ines Thoma and Dimitri Tordo to take on the Enduro World Series for Canyon Factory Racing.

Jack Moir spent five years with Intense, from the start of their new involvement with their World Cup racing programme. Jack would even bag a second at the 2017 World Cup in Fort William on the prototype for what is now the Intense M29. He’d also just miss out on a medal at his home World Champs the same year, slotting into fourth.

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Since then, injury has plagued what should have been two very good years for Jack. Numerous top 10s to his name prove that he’s definitely got the pace.

How will he adapt to enduro though? New team, new bike, new discipline… If the press release is right, he’s got his eye on the overall. Fellow Aussie Sam Hill will no doubt not be in a rush to hand it over to his countryman.

Check out the new Canyon Factory Racing edition Strive here.