We Chat to Joe Barnes About the New Hazzard Racing Orange Bikes.

Orange Bikes released a Hazzard Racing Edition of their Alpine 6 and Switch bikes, and we had a chat with Joe Barnes about getting the bikes out there.

Based around their popular Switch and Alpine 6 frames Orange Bikes have released two Hazzard Racing edition bikes. Pete caught up with the Top Chief Joe Barnes to have a chat about getting the idea from concept to tyres on the dirt.

Who’s idea was it to have Hazzard Racing limited edition bikes?

That was the geniuses at Orange who came up with the plan there.

How hard was it to narrow it down to two frames?

Not too hard because both myself and Lachlan have been loving riding both the Alpine 6 and the Switch 6 and it gives people the opportunity to choose between the 27.5 bike and the mixed wheeler. Mixed wheels ride so good we had to include it in our build option.

Have the frames changed at all from the production models?

These are standard frames from Orange. The Alpine was released at the start of last year and the Switch last summer. Both ticking the boxes for very capable race and play bikes.

How easy was it to work in changes to make the Hazzard Racing bikes unique?

The team has all its own sponsors that I have put together to compliment our structure. So taking these brands over to the bike builds was pretty dreamy. Especially the companies never spec’ed on Orange before like One-Up, Formula and Gusset. The graphics was also a nice touch and some down tube quotes giving it a nice Hazzard Racing feel.

Merida eOneSixtytea

Was choosing the spec simply a case of writing a list of what you run on your bikes?

Basically yes. There is some fluctuation over the year in what I run depending on the situation and also with Lachlan so we chose the best built to be capable for anything you can throw at the bike.

Braided hoses on V4 brakes, Super Gravity tyres etc. all make it a very capable build. Mix this with touches I have like I love a smaller saddle and the manoeuvrability this gives you and the bike took shape from there.

How do you expect these bikes will ride differently to the production models?

A coil shock is the main difference and something a bit secret going on here. I was out in Italy putting laps in on the famous Finale trails to set the bike up and found a really comfy supportive set up here. I am buzzing so it’ll be good to see this reach the trails.

Was it a tough decision to move away from the banana yellow paint scheme?

I did so much yellow branding in my life I thought now was a time to change it up. No more primary colours and keep it tropical. Coral for me sums up whats popping out the mind these days and for me fits the new bikes and kit just nicely. Mixed with white it also pops really nice for video and photo work. In the end an easy decision, it just feels right.

Favourite moments?

Turning up to Orange to build the bikes and then the boys did it for us while we rushed about. Huge thank you for this.

Any disasters?

Having one million options to choose from on the graphics and colour schemes. Turns out Pantones, Ral and digital colour codes are a minefield to match up.

You can check out the Hazzard Racing Switch and Alpine 6 on Orange Bikes’ website here.