Opening Round of the 2020 UCI Downhill World Cup Postponed.

With a full statement expected from the UCI in the morning, it would appear that the opening round of this year’s World Cup has been postponed.

The first round of the 2020 UCI Downhill World Cup scheduled to take place on the 21st and 22nd March has been postponed due to concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak.

We expect a full statement from the UCI/local organisers in the morning, and we hope that the round can be bolted on elsewhere in the calendar without too much chaos ensuing.

The Municipality of Lousa released this statement (translated from Portuguese):

Following the latest developments regarding COVID-19 and the measures enacted by the General Health Directorate, the Municipality of Lousã, after meeting the Municipal Civil Protection Commission and complying with its Contingency Plan, decided to put in place additional measures to better prevent the transmission of the virus in the community, namely:

»Municipal Swimming Pools: suspension of all teaching activities carried out by the Lousã School Group, classes at the Municipal Swimming School and the“ Lousã a Mexer Mais ”Project;

Suspension of all initiatives organized by the Municipality during the month of March and the beginning of April…

Read the full, original official statement in Portuguese from the Municipality of Lousa here.